Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Starting Q's

Do you offer a free trial?

You get to try the service and system for a full week or seven (7) days. You can then choose to continue on with any of the plans you choose that is best suitable for you. Every plan has a trial period!

Can I have more than one station on each account?

Yes. You can create multiple stations and manage them from your main Radio Host Co account and inside the administration system that is set in place for you upon ordering.

Does each station support multiple users?

Yes. You can have any number of users such as DJ's, Program Directors, Playlist Coodinators, Station Producers and Station Managers. Each will have access to anyt specific part of your station that you set up yourself.

What are the addons and what are addons in particular?

Addons are the additional features we can offer due to partnerships and in the cases ofcreating your own mobile app or whether you know how to create and implement things like an ALEXA skill. We can also help out in any other way too like if you need a web site made for instance. If you do not see the add on you may need, please ask.

Billing, Trial & Payments

What payments do you accept?

We use either PayPal which you can use your Visa or Mastercard Credit/Debit cards. Or, we have a merchant account set up with STRIPE which also allows you to check out and pay that way using any creditcard. You can also choose to be billed in specific currency such as in either US Dollars ($), British Pound Sterling (£) or Euro's (€).

Can I change (upgrade/downgrade) my plan at any time?

Yes. That is easy to accomplish on your own within the billing page in your Station's settings. You can then manage your subscription to cancel, upgrade or downgrade. If you need any help at all, please do not hesitate to contact us aboutthis very issue.

How do I cancel?

If you wish to continue with cancellation, this can be managed in the 'Billing' section of your station settings. If you need anything at all, please donot hesitate to contact us at any time.


What song file formats cane we use to broadcast our station?

Anything for the most part. You can broadcast either in MP3 or AAC formats up to 192Kbps. Any tracks uploaded should be in MP3 format. For best results we recommend using stereo files encoded at 192Kbps hopwever and again, the formats accepted are MP3, OGG, Vorbis, OGG Opus, AAC+ (MPEG4 HE-AAC v2), and at any of the following Bitrate (kbps): 32bps, 48bps, 64bps, 96bps, 128bps, 192bps, 256bps and up to 320bps.

How do I upload files?

Easily. You can upload files by uploading them in bulk weithin the Radio Host administration system. You can also use an FTP client such as FileZilla to connect and upload large catalogs of music unimpeaded and that way.

Can I broadcast live in real time?

Yes. The Radio Host Co has incorporated the Web DJ in every account. You can easily broadcast live events and the Web DJ can be set up via the station's administration center. Any broadcasting software that supports the SHOUTcast V1 protocol is compatible.

Can I have a lower quality stream for mobile users?

Yes, you can enable a lower quality 64K AAC stream specifically for mobile users simultanious to any other output. This uses less bandwidth so is ideal for users on a cellular or slow network connection.

What security features does the Radio Host Co provide for its clients?

The Radio Host Co provides server level access control. Secure & Reliable, the Radio Host Co's servers have high physical security and power redundancy. Your data will be secure with us. We also allow you to block/allow certain countries and listening devices/stream rippers on the streaming server. We include IP flood control which limits the number of connections per IP address, saving your precious streaming bandwidth and maximum connection time limit which will kick listeners after a specified length of time.

What statistics do we have access tor?

Integrated is the IP Geolocation by DB-IP. Know your visitors before they even sign in and customize their experience based on country, state, language, currency or connection speed. Using our IP geolocation tool, you can also implement geographic restrictions for your sensitive content or improve your ad targeting.

Marketing Tools

Do you have a Player we can use for our website or blog?

Included is the HTML5 player which you can embed on your Website or Blog. There is also a public page with your player to display on your Wix site or on any site that allows framing.

Do you offer mobile apps?

That is an add on feature that costs extra money. The only reason ius that we do not do Mobile Apps. Otherwise, we would integrate it here for y'all but we do use a third party to create all of our Mobile Apps and for either format (Apple, Android, etc.).

Can you get us on Alexa?

We can but again, this is an add on feature simply because we cannot incorporatethat function within the system, however, it is offered via our partnership we have with a 3rd party companythat does that work. The fee for that add on is $5 monthly.

Can we get our station in any directory's?

We no doubt support and have a way to connect to however you must have your own account with them. We do offer a widget for you to implement inthe administration system here and with Tune In. That way the song titles will show at Tune In. Again, you can add your station quickly and easily under Station Settings > integrations. Further, the station is listed at the main dirctory's such as WinAmp, ShoutCast and more, however, if you need a list of directory's to submit your station to, please feel free to use the list and links we provide on the Radio Host Co website. If you need help in this regard, please do not hesitate to conatct us about it. We can easily help!

Can we post our songs being played at Twitter?

You can easily implement and/or turn the automatic tweeting in the administration station settings to send the now playing information to your twitter account. You can post literally every song played or space it out any way you wish. The feature announces the station with a link to it. Along withthe artist name and song title.

Can we share the player or station via our social media accounts?

You can easily include any share buttons on your embedded player which allows your station to be linked at directly with each outlet and at the most popular social media channels.

Final Thoughts

I am still iffy about starting up a station...

No matter if you are a current custy or a potential one, please by all means if you have a pre-sales question or a querstion about anything at all, please either email us at You can also use the Contact panel at the bottom of every page to get in touch with us. We should get back to you rather instantly.

What about Technical Support

If and when you need technical support with us, contact us at anytime however, this is like having a job watching the automatic sprinkler system. We plan on keeping things rolling like a machine on our end and unless there is overall maintenance or system updates that are above what we handle, the system should be up and running 24/7 and 365 days a year. However, we are also here 24/7 and 365 days a year. We get that this is a radio station that needs to be operable all the time. We are here for you on any day of the year (Holidays and Weekends too). We work 24/7 here at the Radio Host Co.

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